ad_117528662An outbreak of rabies has been reported in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Most recently, there was a report of the transmission between human-to-human: an infected baby bit the infant’s father and brother.  All 3 succumbed to the infection, summing to 10 total deaths since the onset of the outbreak. 154 are infected.

Most typically, dogs are the sources, or ‘reservoirs’, of infection for humans, but this particular human-baby-to-human-adult mode of rabid transmission is the kind of fiction we’re used to seeing on the screen, zombie-Epidepics most specifically.  For epidemiologists, it’s time to get serious once pathogens shift towards transmission among humans.

Are we seeing the dawn of a rabies-like zombiepocalypse? Likely not: it takes some time and some evolution for H-2-H to happen frequently. But this rare means of spread certainly draws some concern.

Check out the source here:
Infant with rabies infected father and brother by biting them

The World Health Organization Rabies fact page can be seen here:
WHO Rabies Fact Sheet

Add ‘World Rabies Day‘ to yer iCals:

World Rabies Day



55 000 people die due to rabies infections every year;

Rabies occurs in more than 150 countries and territories;

It’s categorized is a zoonotic disease: it’s shared between animals and humans, though transmission normally takes place from infected wild or domestic animals to humans. ~70% of all human infectious diseases are zoonotic and therefore have animal origin.


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