EAT ME: Bacteria vs. Virus in the War on Superbugs

Once again we are reminded that big bugs have little bugs.  But in this case, it seems the little bugs eat the big bugs, and that may mean a huge step towards prevention of superbug infections such as Clostridium difficile (C. difficile).

Research collaborators between UGlasgow and ULeicester, led by Dr. Martha Clokie at ULeicester, have been working on ‘phage-therapy‘: the use of viruses to kill antibiotic resistant bacteria, and recent tests have proven this therapy effective.

Most importantly, they’ve discovered bacteria-eating viruses that can be harnessed to fight these superbugs.

Whoa. The future is now.

This very cool research corresponds to a decreased efficacy in antibiotics since the 1950’s.  While antibiotics have been heralded ‘silver bullets’ of medicine, the future impact of antibiotics is dwindling, with more and more bacteria out-smarting and ‘out-evolving’ these miracle drugs.

And so the arms race of superbugs vs. human continues…

Check out the sources here:

Bacteria-eating viruses ‘magic bullets in the war on superbugs’

Science Daily article: Bacteria-eating viruses


– in the US alone, C. difficile causes 250 000 infections annually resulting in 14 000 deaths and costing around a billion per year in excess medical costs.


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