HIV at Record High in Australia; Rising Rates in UK

Around one in four gay men with casual partners had unprotected sex in the last six months, with a significant rise for gay men under 25.

The Kirby Institute at the University of New South Wales conducted the research.

“It’s very alarming what’s happening with HIV at the moment,” said David Wilson, from the institute. ”We’ve had over 1,250 cases of HIV recorded, that’s those that have been diagnosed”.

He added: ”There are about 25% of cases that are undiagnosed in Australia as well.”

John de Wit, director of the Centre for Social Research in Health, warned many gay Australians seemed in the dark about HIV. ”The idea that young gay men think that they might be immune in terms of young people and health, that’s not a new story.

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Similar studies in the UK show “anecdotal evidence from drug and alcohol clinics in London that recreational or club drug use amongst gay men” could be linked to rising HIV infection rates – and it has warned “high rates of transmission are ongoing.”

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