H5N1 outbreaks in Nepal led to 1.4 million dead poultry

Outbreaks of H5N1 avian flu in Nepal in recent months have affected 85 farms and backyard flocks, killed 43,691 poultry, and led to the culling of 1,372,309 additional birds, according to a report posted yesterday by the World Organization of Animal Health (OIE).

All but one of the outbreaks began in August—with onset dates ranging from Aug 14 to Aug 24—and one began Sep 14. The outbreaks were resolved from late August to early October. The report details five distinct outbreaks and groups the rest as four separate “outbreak clusters.”

The outbreaks that are listed individually varied in scope from 724 to 14,255 poultry deaths due to H5N1, with culling of anywhere from 1,276 to 783,745 additional birds. The outbreak clusters involved from 688 to 8,440 poultry deaths, with another 14,312 to 213,447 birds culled to stop disease spread.

Together, the outbreaks resulted in 1,416,000 poultry dead from the virus or subsequent culling. The country’s previous H5N1 report to the OIE, on Sep 21, cited55,628 poultry killed by the virus and 294,211 culled, for a total of 349,839 birds killed in 43 separate outbreaks.

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