MERS-CoV Update: Likely Case in SPAIN

Spanish officials said a woman who traveled to Saudi Arabia with Spain’s first probable MERS case-patient is believed to have the virus, the Canadian Press reported today. Officials said the two women shared sleeping quarters.

Spain’s health ministry said there was not enough evidence to determine if one of the women caught the disease from the other or if both caught it from a common source, the story said.

The ministry said both women have recovered and have been released from hospitals. Also, authorities said that so far the two women’s contacts, including airline passengers and contacts in Spain, have all tested negative for the virus.

Both women tested positive for the virus, but their cases are classified as probable because the WHO case definition requires additional testing, according to the story.

Hartl commented via Twitter today that the first case in Spain, reported by Spanish authorities on Nov 6, still “has not been confirmed to WHO standards.” Spanish officials said the case involved a 61-year-old woman.

Follow the Metro source here.

Follow the WHO source here.


One Comment on “MERS-CoV Update: Likely Case in SPAIN

  1. I have heard that the virus has no cure and a rise in body temperature eventually kills the patients, I wonder how they have recovered.

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