Montreal: E. coli poisoning leaves 7 sick after eating at Marché 27

The owner of the Montreal restaurant where several people contracted E. coli from tartare is blaming the supplier for delivering contaminated meat.

Jason Masso said he’s been serving tartare — a raw meat dish — at Marché 27 for six years and has never had a problem.

But in December, seven people fell ill after eating Masso’s tartare.

One of the victims was Val D’Or resident Isabelle St-Jean.

She told CBC Daybreak host Mike Finnerty that she had been sick for several days and went for the hospital for tests, and that’s when she found out she had E. coli poisoning.

“They saw that I had E. coli … I was sick to my stomach for one week,” she said.

For his part, Masso said his restaurant, located in the plateau neighbourhood, has passed all inspections. He said he wants to reassure the public that he has addressed the problem and his restaurant is safe.

“I want to make sure this never happens again,” Masso told CBC News.

“There’s a lady that was hospitalized … like critically ill — that to me is extremely important.”



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