Pathogen tea bags, golden orioles and climate change

Some noted of birds, pathogens, and pathogen dispersal via migration.

Zoonotic Ecology and Epidemiology

By Jonas Waldenström

Close your eyes and let your mind wander. Try to imagine the most beautiful place you can think of, fill it with scents and colors, let flowers blossom and birds sing, let there be volcanoes and old ruins! And let there be food, rich wonderful food, and wines that make your heart sing! Where would that be? What kind of paradise is that? The answer is simple: an Italian island in April and May! There are few places on this planet that are more endearing than the Mediterranean coast in spring, where the wing beats of history are present in the landscape itself, and where the stunning orioles and bee-eaters make any birder go bananas!

Recently, I wrote a post on how biologists are obsessed with grim, dirty and tedious fieldwork – the worse the better! I poured a lot of wisdom in that text and have…

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