Sudan: ‘Mysterious Disease’ in Central Darfur Kills 23 Children

The number of children who have died from a mysterious disease in Deleig camp for the displaced in Central Darfur has increased to 23. The number of fatalities among donkeys stands at 59.

Speaking to Radio Dabanga, a sheikh of the Deleig camp in Wadi Salih locality reported that 23 children have died so far of a mysterious disease that affects children below the age of 12 and donkeys.

The sheikh complained that no official or medical team from the locality or Central Darfur state had come to examine and treat the young patients. “Also, no effort has been done to define and contain the causes of the disease, in spite of the high number of deaths, and the fear and horror experienced by the people in the region.”

The Minister of Health of Central Darfur State, Dr Eisa Mohamed Musa, has acknowledged the “emergence of an unknown inflammation” among the children in Deleig. He stated in a press statement that 12 cases were recorded in Deleig. The disease, the minister noted, affects young children below the age of 5 years. The “mysterious disease” symptoms indicate a severe acute respiratory syndrome, according to Musa.

The minister also stated that a medical team was sent to Deleig to investigate the epidemic disease. “We are still waiting for the result of tests on samples collected in the area.”

On 12 Feb [2014], Radio Dabanga reported that about 75 percent of the children in Deleig camp were infected with a mysterious disease affecting children below the age of 12 years and donkeys. The symptoms are coughing, vomiting, inflammation in the genitals, and sleeplessness. On 16 Feb [2014], a Deleig camp sheikh reported that 15 children and 47 donkeys had died.



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