Six injured by rabies-infected wolf in Indian village

VADODARA: A wolf believed to be suffering from rabies injured six people in a village of Shahera taluka in Panchmahal district. The canine had strayed into the village and later died due to the disease.

The wolf was spotted at Narsana village early on Saturday morning at around 7am by villagers. Forest officials said the animal looked visibly irritated and started attacking persons at the village.

Six people, who were in the farms or walking on pathways, were targeted by the wolf. Three of the victims — Moti Parmar, Balu Raval and Ganga Vankar — were injured seriously in the incident and had to be rushed to Godhra Civil Hospital for treatment. Three others were treated at Shahera community health centre.

Range forest officer J N Rathod said the wolf may have been staying in nearby forest area or open fields covered with vegetation. “It may have strayed into the village as it was not in its senses due to the disease. It started gasping for breath soon after it injured the villagers and then died,” Rathod said.

The body of the wolf was sent for an autopsy that confirmed rabies as the cause of death. The wolf was then buried by the forest officials.

Rumours of a leopard attack were triggered as leopards are commonly spotted in the area. But forest officials, who reached the spot, met villagers and got the description of the animal to confirm that it was not a leopard.

Blog Author’s note: Despite these reports of attack, wolves in general do not statistically pose a threat by direct attach to human populations.  By no means does ‘THE OUTBREAK’ promote carnivore or canid culls to mitigate risk of attacks. Official reporting of attack by domestic canines far outnumbers reports by wild / endangered canids.



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