21 MERS cases cited in Mideast; ECDC expects more in Europe

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) reported a total of 21 more MERS-CoV (Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus) cases today, while the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) predicted that more exported cases are likely to crop up in Europe.

In addition, in the first word of any genetic sequencing results for recent MERS-CoV isolates, a news report in Science said that preliminary findings from analysis of one viral protein yielded no evidence of mutations. The recent spurt of cases in the Middle East has triggered much speculation about changes in the virus, among other possible causes.

Latest cases

The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health (MOH) reported 14 new MERS cases today, with 4 deaths. Seven cases are in Jeddah, site of a healthcare-related outbreak, while four are in Riyadh and three are in Mecca, according to a computer translation of the statement, posted on Avian Flu Diary, an infectious disease blog.

Four of the new case-patients are asymptomatic, four are in stable condition, and two are in intensive care units, the MOH said. Among the patients are four healthcare workers, all nurses, three from the Philippines and one from India.

The four patients who died were all men: an 81-year-old Palestinian, a 64-year-old Palestinian, a 30-year-old Saudi, and a 40-year-old Bangladeshi.

The MOH also announced the death of a previously reported case-patient, a 59-year-old man in Riyadh. With today’s report, the MOH raised its MERS count to 313 cases with 92 deaths.

In the UAE, a report of seven new cases in Abu Dhabi today came from the Emirates News Agency, also known as WAM.

The Health Authority Abu Dhabi said the seven patients have mild or no symptoms and are isolated in a hospital, according to the brief story. It gave no other details about the cases.

The story also said eight other case-patients have now tested negative for the virus and will soon be released from a hospital where they have been kept in isolation. The story gave no total number for the current outbreak in the UAE, but it said 18 case-patients have now tested negative for the virus.



One Comment on “21 MERS cases cited in Mideast; ECDC expects more in Europe

  1. MERS Cases in UAE and adjacent areas including the Middle East is alarming. Being a worker in these countries and away from the homeland it gives us fears. Health official in UAE MOH should work and call upon the experts from West Countries instead of relying towards the national resources. WHO should also participate to help Middle East and UAE on urgent basis.

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