About the Author: Alexander G. Watts, M.Sc.

Alexander G. Watts, M.Sc.

Alexander G. Watts, M.Sc., PhD Candidate, is a specialist in ecological epidemiology, the study of the environmental factors that influence infectious disease emergence and re-emergence.

He has pursued this emerging domain of public health research for more than ten years.

Alex designed THE OUTBREAK blog to broaden infectious disease knowledge for the general public via multiple social media outlets.

This field is a frontier in health sciences due to the increasing evidence that disease spread and emergence is linked to environmental change: deforestation and fragmentation, agricultural intensification, trade and tourism, and urbanization can cause landscape-scale ecological cascades influencing infection risks in wild, domestic, and human populations.

Alexander tackles these eco-epidemiological questions to address infection emergence, spread, outbreak investigation, and human risk mitigation. He has developed his research on multiple wildlife reservoir species: from primate disease infection risks (Honours: McGill University) to urban-rural coyote parasitism (Master’s: University of Calgary) to Lyme Disease spread and urban raccoon-viral clustering analyses (Doctorate: University of Toronto).

Alexander is proficient in advanced statistical modeling, database management, health cartography (including advanced GIS), biostatistics, and novel spatial measures.

Alexander has managed many academic projects as lead contributor with multiple collaborators among international institutions and has enjoyed the challenge of leadership and training opportunities. Social networking, human interaction, and harnessing diverse skill sets are considered the primary factor in the success of team-led project initiatives, especially when collaborating across unrelated fields.

Alexander envisions substantial potential in the bridge between disease modeling and spatial statistics with novel mapping techniques, advanced contemporary IT solutions, and social media applications towards contemporary public health solutions. These new perspectives in health monitoring and technology can advance health mapping, bolster predictive and surveillance strategies, and translate contemporary health monitoring initiatives to policy makers and the general public.

Please contact Alexander by any of the following means:

Comment on THE OUTBREAK blog;

By EMAIL: alexander.watts [at] mail.utoronto.ca;

LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/alexander-watts/67/38b/48b ;

Or follow Alexander on TWITTER: AGW_theoutbreak


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